A Webhook will be provided by your email service if they offer this feature, this option allows email services to integrate with Hello Bar that we do not offer an option currently.

The webhook will need to be provided by your email service, which will be asking for both the 'name' and 'email' fields only. Your email provider can help create this if you are having trouble locating it within the email account you have within their system.

Once you have retrieved your Webhook from your email provider, here is how you will navigate to the correct area within your Hello Bar Dashboard to save it.

1) Navigate to the Hello Bar dashboard under "Contacts" and then hit "New Contact List" to create a new list or hit the existing contact list to edit it.

2) Add the list name and click on "SHOW ALL TOOLS".

3) Select "Webhooks" from the list.

4) Enter the Webhook URL from your 3rd party app/email provider and then hit "Connect",

And that's it!

Feel free to reach out to us at support@hellobar.com if you have any further questions!