What is A/B Testing?

As the name implies, two versions (A and B) are compared(though more than 2 tests can be conducted), which are identical except for one variation that might affect a user’s behavior. This means you will maintain the same Goal and the same Targeting Rules, and that is only if you are using that feature.

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You may change the pop layout (bar, slider, page takeover, and alert) the popup content, color options, and the timing of when it can appear.

How Does A/B Testing Work With Hello Bar?

When Creating a A/B test, Hello Bar functions automatically by testing the site elements. The “automatic” function is a two-part system.

Part 1: Automatically triggering the A/B tests

This happens when you have two bars of the same type (2 sliders or 2 modals, etc.), which are then targeted to be displayed on the same page of the associated website. The A/B tests will not show at the same time, but rather a single version within the A/B test will show to any new IP address that visits your site.

Part 2: Automatically interpreting A/B test results

At first, we make sure that all site elements which are a part of the A/B test receive at least 1000 views. When this happens, we check which site element converts the best and from this point on, for 90% of views we will display this element. In 10% of the views, we will display a random element, regardless of how good the best element converts. 

This is so that when user edits his bars, especially those not converting properly, we will give them some chance. And if the previously worse converting bar now starts converting better, at some point we will automatically switch to it.

How to A/B Test a Hello Bar

To A/B test a Hello Bar, first create a Hello Bar by clicking the ‘Create New‘ button on the left-hand side of your Dashboard. This first Hello Bar you create will be ‘Version A‘, once you have saved that, click the Manage tab on the left-hand side of your Dashboard where you will find the Hello Bar you just created.

Next, click the Gear Icon on the left side of ‘Version A‘ and select A/B Test from the drop-down menu. This will bring you into the Edit screen of a perfect duplicate of your Hello Bar where you can make various changes, such as the Content of the Hello Bar, the Color options and the Timing on when it can appear.

Once you have finished making the changes, you can then proceed to Save & Exit to finalize ‘Version B‘.

Under the popup editor "Settings", you will find the option to turn ON the A/B test on each popup which will allow you to either unlink the popup to an existing A/B test and make the popup appear separately or link a separate popup to another one with the same popup goal and targeting rule to create an A/B test

Please keep in mind that you may change the content written on the Hello Bar, the Color options and the Timing on when it can appear, however, if you make other adjustments it will no longer be considered an A/B test.