A Hello Bar can be set to show to a user who has previously visited or not visited a different website prior to arriving at the current location your Hello Bar is set at by using the Targeting options.

Creating your Targeting Rule:

1. First you will want to navigate to the Targeting area in the Edit screen and select Create new customer targeting rule

2. This will present you with a Targeting window, within that popup you will want to adjust your rules so it targets a user who is arriving from a certain  Previous Page URL.

  • Click on the blue + (plus) button to add a new condition
  • Select Referrer Domain from the first drop down
  • Choose a date range option(is, is not, includes or does not include)
  • Enter the the Website URL ¬†you want a user to have visited prior to having this specific Hello Bar appear for.
  • Enter a Name and Save

In the example above, a user must have came from Facebook.com to the website/page you have Hello Bar installed before it will or will not appear, depending on the options you have selected.