Hello Bar integrates with almost all the popular 3rd-party email service providers which allow users to manage and engage with new sign-ups and leads easily. 

But in case you are not using such emailing tools, Hello Bar has a native Contact List feature that allows you to collect and save email addresses in contact lists that you can create within your Hello Bar dashboard. 

Each time you create a Hello Bar site element with the goal to collect emails, you are prompted to either create a new one or select an existing contact list to send the collected email addresses into.

Once your site element starts collecting emails from your site's visitors, you can start exporting your contact list for lead-generation or other purposes. Here are the 3 easy steps to export your Hello Bar contact list as a CSV file:

STEP 1: From your Hello Bar dashboard, click on "Contacts" from the main navigation menu on the left.

STEP 2: Next, click on the contact list you want to export. In the example below, we clicked on a contact list called "My Contacts" (Note that you can name your contact list however you want, which helps when you are managing more than one list.)

STEP 3: Finally, click on the green "EXPORT CSV" button as shown in the example below:

Note: after clicking the "EXPORT CSV" button, you will need to click on "confirm" on the confirmation modal that pops up, and then a green confirmation message bar should appear, indicating that you should receive the contact list in CSV format in your inbox in a few moments.

That's it! You have successfully exported your contact list as a CSV file which you can view using a spreadsheet app or add into your mailing list database or CRM tool. Make sure to check your spam folder in case the incoming email with the CSV file attachment gets flagged for some reason.

Please note that when you collect an email with Hello Bar, Hello Bar does not automatically send a message to the person whose email you collected – we only provide pop-ups at this time, not the ability to send out emails to subscribers.

That being said, it is super easy to integrate your pop-ups with your email service provider or autoresponder. We integrate with a number of popular services like Active Campaign, ConvertKit, GetResponse, MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact and many more, and we also offer the ability to connect to nearly any platform using Zapier or webhooks.

Once you have integrated your pop-ups with your email service, you will be able to send the emails and any data you collect straight to your mailing list automatically.


We highly recommend integrating your email service provider with Hello Bar, then creating a campaign within that email provider that will send a message (or a few messages as a series over a few days) to anyone that gets added to the list. This makes it so that every time someone signs up, they will be welcomed with a custom email message of your choosing!