Leading Question is a feature included in Hello Bar's premium plans (Growth/Elite) which is an awesome tool to get your new site visitors and current Subscribers engaged and boost conversion on your site by asking them questions.

Here's how you can create a Leading Question popup.

1) On your popup builder/editor page, navigate under "Design">"Leading Question" then toggle to turn ON.

2) Enter your question and the 2 answers that your customer will choose from.

3) Depending on the answer, you can redirect your visitors/customers to a specific page on your site. For this example, the "Yes" answer to the "First time here?" question will lead to a popup that says "Let's get you started".

4) After entering your First Answer Headline (let's get you started!), turn ON the "Add redirect URL to your answer" which will enable you to enter your preferred redirecting page URL and at the same time saving your headline texts.

5) Do the same on your Answer number 2 and you'll be all set!