To help website owners and marketers reach out and engage with potential customers, Hello Bar now offers two web messaging channels: Hello Bar website pop-ups and Subscribers web push notifications. And while both apps help you communicate more effectively with your visitors, each one has its own distinct advantages. 

We believe these apps complement each other (and are a must for any marketer or company on the web!) so we've now bundled the signup process for both, meaning that each new account of either service now includes a free account of the other app. 

We also made it super easy to switch between both apps by including a dedicated navigation button of the other app within each one's respective dashboards. 

From Hello Bar Dashboard:

From Subscribers Dashboard:

And since you may or may not find the need for advanced paid features for either app, you can choose to use the free versions of both or upgrade the apps individually, based on your needs.

But what’s the difference between Subscribers web push notifications and Hello Bar website pop-up messages?

The main difference between these channels is who they reach and the targeting technology behind them:

Hello Bar pop-up messages come in a variety of types and sizes (ranging from unobtrusive "Hello Bars" to full-page takeovers), and although they can only be viewed by people who are actually visiting your website, these visitors do not need to opt in in order to be shown your pop-ups. 

In contrast, web push messages can reach customers as long as they have their browser open, even if they’re not on your site. But web push messages can only be sent to users who have agreed to receive them and unlike with Hello Bar popups, customer's will not need to provide any of their contact data i.e. email address and name to receive the web push as it only requires browser token which is provided once they opted-in via either of the following types of prompt:

Browser-native Opt-in prompt example:

Customized Opt-in prompt example

Another unique aspect of the pop-ups from Hello Bar is that they can serve various purposes, from getting more followers on Social Media, to announcing sales or promos, to capturing emails and redirecting visitors to relevant pages of your site. You can jazz up your message with your own images, add a count-down timer to urgent offers, and set up multiple language versions and configure the Targeting Rules of each pop-up based on the visitor's Geo-locationTime and Date, and visitor behavior (like how many times they've visited your site and what site they were on previously)

Hello Bar popups examples:

Social Traffic:

Email Collection:

URL targeting:


Get a Phone Call ( for mobile device only):

Web push notifications, on the other hand, can be customized to a lesser extent, and the actual look and feel of your message when it gets displayed is somewhat dependent on the type of browser being used. When you install and set up Subscribers on your website, your site visitors will start seeing an opt-in dialog box or modal asking them permission if they can receive notifications from your website (which they can turn off via their browser settings at any time they wish to!). If they choose to allow, they get subscribed to your site's notifications and they'll be able to receive your messages on their browser when you send out these push messages which you can customize and add links and images to via the app.

Push Notification examples: