With the New Hello Bar dashboard, you can now get started using our Web Push Notification app.

From the dashboard, simply navigate under "Push Notification"

You'll then be prompted to sign up and then proceed to the installation process.

Subscribers installation is made easy for any website building platforms, you just simply copy the Subscribers script can find under "Settings"> "Install" and paste it to your website’s backend admin and locate the custom code/HTML viewer which usually either shows letters HTML or this icon (<>)
Or if you have access to the main HTML document, you can insert the Hello Bar code preferably within the <body> section of the document.

On websites that are on HTTPS, there's an additional file to install on the root folder of your site which is the Service Worker file but if your platform does not have access to a root folder, no worries because you can still install Subscribers.

 I'd suggest you have a look at our installation guides here https://subscribers.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/35000013054-diy-installation-instructions  

Alternatively, we have an installation method that is through Google Tag Manager, so if you're not yet using it on your site, please do use Google Tag Manager so that you'll be able to install Subscribers.
Below is the link to Subscribers installation guide to Google Tag Manager.

Once the app is installed on your website, your site visitors will then be asked to opt-in to receive notifications from you about anything you'd like to promote to them... (note that example below is not a push message itself, but just the browser opt-in that asks the visitor permission to show actual customized push notification messages later on)
If they choose to allow and subscribe to the notification, you can then start sending notifications to them and anytime they have the browser where they opt in open even if they're not on your site, they will get the notification.
I hope that helps but if you want to learn more about Subscribers please visit our Knowledge Base page here.

Please see this quick video overview about how to use Subscribers How to Use Subscribers

Our CEO wrote the following informative blog about how web push works and he includes some really cool examples of how some companies are using it successfully: The Ultimate Guide To Web Push Notifications

Please see more about Hello Bar and the difference between Hello Bar popups and Subscribers push notification HERE