Let me guess... You're on the Free Starter Plan and you got a message like this when you logged in to your Hello Bar account and went to the Manage tab:

Or maybe you received an email warning you that your pop-ups are about to be deactivated, or even are currently deactivated.

What does it mean when we say deactivated?

Well, on our Free Starter Plan, there is a limit of 5,000 pop-up views each month. These views reload on the first of each month, no matter what your billing date is. 

If you use more than 5,000 views in a month, your pop-ups are temporarily deactivated until the next re-load date (the first of the next month) and will not appear on your site.

Don't worry – your pop-ups and designs aren't lost forever! Instead, we store them in a special section of the Manage section of your account labeled Deactivated:

Within this area, you can see all of your deactivated pop-ups that are not currently live on your site. 

There are two ways to set these deactivate pop-ups back to live on your site:

1. You can re-activate your pop-ups immediately by upgrading to a paid plan, where more views are available:

  • Growth Plan: On this plan, you will have access to 50,000 views each month. This plan is $29 per month or $289 per year.
  • Elite Plan: On this plan, you will have access to 500,000 views each month. This plan is $99 per month or $999 per year.
  • Getting more views than either of these plans offer? Contact our team for a custom plan.


2.  You can wait for the month to finish and for your views to re-load on the first day of the next month, when your pop-ups will go live automatically once again.

Need help choosing the right plan for you?

Check out this article or reach out to our team to determine the best plan for your site traffic, needs, and goals.